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Pad Thai

Mouth-watering and flavourful. Savor yet sweet. A lip-smacking explosion of exotic seasonings and textures that deliciously dance with each bite.

Opening Times

11:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. 

Noodles dance in a fiery wok as a recipe handed down for generations comes to life. Prawns burst into vibrant red colours and swim in the sweet tamarind sauce past silky strips of egg. Discover the ultimate versions of Thailand’s national dish here at Manathai Koh Samui.

Our expert chefs, steeped in generations of tradition, perfected the art of ‘kway teow pad,’ stir-fried noodles prepared the traditional way using locally sourced ingredients. While gourmet reinterpretations and fusion experimentations take the dish to new heights, pairing Thai techniques with western flavours.

Learn all about the history and preparation of Pad Thai – our staff loves to share knowledge about the iconic dish. 

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