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3 Hot Springs in Khao Lak That You Should Visit

February 1, 2020

If you’re in Khao Lak but want a relaxing experience away from beaches, consider visiting one of its many hot springs. Straight from the underground, these springs offer you a bubbly warm pool, perfect for relaxing. Not only do they help you relax, but hot springs offer a myriad of health benefits to you, too, thanks to the minerals found in the water. From stimulating your immune system to draining your body of toxins, a dip in the hot springs might be just the thing for you to maintain your health. However, we only recommend that you take a dip in one on a cloudy, cool day. Swimming in hot water during hot weather is not the ideal thing to do.

That said, if you’re interested in such an activity, here are three hot springs in Khao Lak that you can visit:

1. Rommanee Hot Springs

Located around 40 km north of Khao Lak, Rommanee Hot Springs remains open to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Rommanee isn’t exactly a hot spring surrounded by nature, thanks to its 5-million-baht budget used to improve the amenities and infrastructure of the location.

The hot spring is built by the community and the money used to run the spring. That said, if you do come here, expect to see plenty of Thai families over. They love the hot spring and come together not only to spend time with each other but to enjoy the health benefits of hot springs.

2. Kapong Hot Springs

If you’re looking for a hot spring set in more natural settings, look for Kapong Hot Springs. The hot spring itself is found in Khao Lak’s Lam Ru National Park, which explains the natural beauty.

The park is popular for the trek. You can spend a few hours in the spring, then take a hike or vice versa. That said, if you only want to visit the pool, you’ll find it before reaching Lam Ru and Hin Lad waterfalls in the national park.

3. Ban Bo Dan Springs

South of Khao Lak is Ban Bo Dan Springs, around 30 minutes away. The springs here are known for their high mineral content comprised of sodium, potassium, and various other things. These minerals have made the spring famous for its healing properties.

If you’re in pain or are looking for a way to make yourself look younger, visit Ban Bo Dan Springs. During the week, you’ll find plenty of families here, just like you would at Rommanee Hot Springs. They’re here for the same reasons—skincare, stress relief, and other health benefits.

You can visit the spring from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. You just have to pay an entrance fee to the area.

Wrapping Up

Hot springs are a great way to relax and give your body a boost both in terms of health and strength. The warm, mineral-filled waters will revitalize your skin, enhance your immune systems, draw out toxins, and do so much more, leaving you healthier than ever before. Be sure to visit any of the springs we’ve mentioned here at least once during your visit to Khao Lak. We guarantee that you’ll soon find yourself wanting to come back for another soak.

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