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4 Activities to Enjoy in Khao Lak during the Low Season

March 8, 2020

While everyone is hyped about visiting Khao Lak during the high season where all the festivities and craze are happening, the big crowds aren’t for everyone. If you’re planning to head to Khao Lak during the low season, chances are that you want to enjoy a quiet atmosphere, and Khao Lak itself, in its resting state. However, know that many tourist destinations, such as the Similan Islands, as well as clubs and restaurants, are closed until high season hits.

If you’re thinking of what you can do in Khao Lak during its low season, here are four ideas to help you plan your schedule:

1. Head to Khao Sok

Khao Sok is actually much more beautiful during the low season than in the high season. This is because there’s more rain, meaning the forests are much lusher.

The famous Cheow Lan Lake will also be much fuller, making it even more stunning. If you didn’t know, the lake was formed after the construction of a dam––the Ratchaprapha Dam. When you visit here, you’ll find that the dam, also a viewpoint, is quite awe-inspiring.

2. Visit the Waterfalls

There are plenty of waterfalls in Khao Lak, all of which are worth a visit. Some noteworthy ones are the Sri Phang Nga Waterfall and the Thai Muang Waterfall.

To get to these waterfalls, you’re given a few options. You can either opt to hire private transportation as well as a chauffeur to bring you around or rent your car to get there. Between both the options, we highly suggest you rent a car. Not only can you go around at your leisure, but you won’t feel pressed for time because you “own” the car. Plus, you have the freedom to explore Khao Lak whenever you feel like it and are not bound by tour schedules.

3. Visit Phuket Island

If you want to explore outside of Khao Lak, then you can even visit Phuket. The island is visited by tourists all year round, meaning that they’re always open and ready to serve.

Phuket has everything you need, from shopping malls to beaches, to night parties and excellent restaurants. If you want to head out to visit one of the smaller islands, Phuket serves as a great hub to get to the Phi Phi islands.

4. Tour Phi Phi Islands

While the legendary Similan Islands are closed during the low season, the Phi Phi Islands is always up and running, ready to inspire and thrill anyone who decides to visit it.

Be aware, however, that some parts of the Phi Phi Islands might be closed due to various reasons. Yet, you can still explore parts of it, some of which are still well worth your time. For example, go on a kayaking adventure and explore the sea caves, or even visit the world-famous James Bond Island.

Wrapping up

There are still plenty of activities that you can do in Khao Lak. From enjoying the stunning natural beauty the place has to offer, to visiting the sites that surround the area, you’ll find that sacrificing just a little bit of all the tourist action during the high season is much worth the relaxing aura that the low season has to offer.

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