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5 Defining Characteristics of Boutique Hotels and Resorts

February 14, 2020

Hotels, resorts, and other temporary accommodations have been part of human history and have shown themselves in many different forms but all with the same purpose—a place to stay during travel. Today, these accommodations come in various forms still, such as boutique hotels and resorts to the humble hostels.

If you’re traveling for any purpose, staying at a boutique accommodation is a well-worth idea. With excellent facilities and amenities, you’ll be pampered thoroughly, ensuring that you’re happy and satisfied with your stay.

If you are looking for boutique hotels and resorts to stay at, here are five defining characteristics that you should know about:

1. They are small and cozy
Perhaps the most apparent trait of boutique hotels is that they’re rather small. However, it still allows the place to emit a romantic, intimate atmosphere that’s cozy and welcoming at the same time. If you were to stay at such a place, you’d feel as if you were living at home rather than in a boxed room with just a bed.

They also have common areas if you so wish to interact with the other guests that decided to stay in such a beautiful place.

2. They serve great food
If you’re looking for the best local dishes, these boutique accommodations will have you covered. Offering locally sourced yet popular dishes, you’ll always find an excuse to take a bit. You will never go hungry ever again, or perhaps even hungry for more!

From drinking to fine dining, you’ll find plenty of chances to satisfy your tongue and stomach. Combine that with the beautiful that atmosphere boutique resorts and hotels are known for, and you’ve just landed yourself the perfect chance to eat and drink the evening away!

3. They are filled with fascinating travelers
Staying at this accommodation, you’ll soon realize that even the guests reflect the boutique-ness of the hotel. From the trendy individuals to the hip folks, you’ll find an exciting bunch to share the place with you. This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet new people and perhaps even make new friends from different parts of the world. If you’re out hunting for the love of your life, you might even find one right there and then.

4. They have chic and stylish designs
In terms of design, boutique accommodations have the perfect balance of sleek yet historical look to them. The fantastic combination of contemporary and homey vibe gives it a unique look that you may never find anywhere else.

In other words, they look like the sleekest sports car out there that somehow still emits an aura of friendliness and coziness from the moment you sit inside it.

5. They offer unrivaled personalized services
Thanks to how small these boutique accommodations are, they can offer unrivaled personalized services that you may never experience in other places.

From the moment you enter the check-in area, they’ll know your name immediately. They’ll be sure to offer you a room that fits your taste with pillows that will make you feel right at home. They will also offer many other services, such as spa massages, all of which will contribute to an amazing personal experience.

Wrapping up

Boutique hotels and resorts are unlike any other typical places of stay. They’re chic yet elegant, stylish yet welcoming, and all that they have to offer reflects precisely that. If you’re still out and about looking for a boutique hotel or resort to stay in the area, consider treating yourself to a delightful stay at Manathai Khao Lak!

Enjoy an excellent massage or get your heart pumping at the fitness center. We have plenty to offer to ensure that you have a wonderful time not only at our resort but in the stunning area of Khao Lak.