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What to Know About Khao Sok National Park

November 8, 2019

Tourists can’t get enough of Thailand’s natural paradises. Phuket is a top destination for beach lovers, and Chiang Mai is a haven for hiking. However, if you want to experience lush jungles and incredible wildlife, Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand is the place to go. As one of the world’s oldest evergreen rainforests, this must-visit sanctuary also features stunning waterfalls and captivating limestone peaks that emerge from the wilderness.

The main attraction in this 739-square-kilometer natural getaway is the amazing animals that you can spot while canoeing down the river. This national park in Surat Thani houses amazing flora and fauna scattered throughout its dense greenery. Don’t forget to explore the Cheow Larn Lake for some quiet time. Here’s what you will enjoy in this sprawling natural wonderland.

The vast array of flora

Khao Sok houses about 200 different floral species per hectare, which makes it a kingdom of biodiversity. Compare that to forests in North America or Europe that only has ten tree species per hectare!

The national park serves as a natural habitat for an array of fascinating plants such as the red Rafflesia Arnoldii, which grows to up to 90 centimeters. It can also weigh up to seven kilograms, which makes it one of the largest flowers in the world. However, while it is a fantastic sight to see, getting too close to it will give off its unpleasant smell that is part of the flower’s defense mechanism.

Another fascinating plant is the pitcher plant, which is also known as monkey cups. This climbing shrub feeds on insects and can reach heights of up to 15 meters. It comes in different sizes and shapes and attracts prey through its fragrant smell and bright colors. You will also witness the liana flower that climbs from the ground and fig trees.

Khao Lak also has an abundance of coconut palms and banana trees that yield a bountiful harvest throughout the year. The forests of Khao Lak are also home to bamboo grass that grows at one meter per day.

Fawn over spectacular fauna

Khao Sok National Park serves as a fortress for mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. Its 48 mammal species include carnivores such as Malayan sun bears, primates like the gibbon, and herbivores like the mouse deer. It is also home to insectivores like pangolin and rodents such as the bamboo rat. Squirrels and wild boar sightings are part of the tour, as well.

It is also a top-flight destination for bird watchers because it has over 300 species that are native to the park. The diverse list includes sunbirds, serpent eagles, hornbills, egrets, woodpeckers, and kingfishers. You can also witness snakes such as cobras, vipers, and pythons, which you must not engage at all costs to avoid their venomous bite. Insects like spiders, cicadas, moths, and scorpions are plentiful in this location as well.

Finally, tree frogs, leeches, and the Asian Water Monitor find a home in this national park. While some of these animals are easy to locate, others prefer to hide in the thick forest, making them harder to witness.

How to get around Khao Sok

The abundance of mountains makes hiking a common way to explore Khao Sok. However, canoeing is a typical approach to see more of the jungle because you get to see monkeys, snakes, and birds at the banks of the river. However, regardless of which option you choose, it’s best to explore the forest with a tour guide who can give you more details about the jungle and the diverse wildlife.

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