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Thai Cooking Class

The Spice of Life

Discover the secrets behind Thailand’s most iconic dishes. Cooking classes at Manathai Khao Lak give you all the knowledge and training needed to take home authentic tastes from the Land of Smiles.

Your culinary adventure is guided by a Bangsak village native, Khun Karoon Sinbaen. The expert sous chef at Pad Thai, whose family runs a notable nearby restaurant, has dedicated his life to perfecting the balancing of sweet, sour, spice and salt – the four flavours that define the nation’s most well-known dishes.

You will spend the afternoon creating a three-course feast. You’ll start with an appetizer such as Satay Gai (chicken satay with peanut sauce), Tod-Man-Pla (deep-fried fish cakes with cucumber relish) or Yum Som-O (pomelo salad with prawn). Then, move on to a legendary soup recipe – Tom Kha Gai (chicken coconut soup) or Tom Yam Goong (hot and sour shrimp soup). The main course options range from famed dishes like Pad Thai Goong Sod (fried noodles with prawns) and Kang Keaw Wan Gai (green curry with chicken) to the hearty Gai Phad Med Mamuang (stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts.

No matter what you choose, it’s guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. After you complete the course, you’ll earn a certificate proving you have taken the first step in mastering one of the world’s greatest cuisines.

2-6 Guests | 11.30 am daily | Approximately 2 hours
THB 1,500 per person