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A World of Adventure in Phang Nga Thailand

October 24, 2019

Phuket attracts many tourists, especially during peak season. If Phuket is not the place for you, then there’s Phang Nga to the north via the Sarasin Bridge. You get the same vibe of paradise with lesser crowds, and you get to enjoy more than just vast beaches.

Khao Lak-Lam Ru

Khao Lak is one of Phang Nga’s five national parks, featuring two mountain tops with lush greenery. Yet, the relaxing beaches are the main attraction, and you get to witness precious marine life beneath sea level through diving and snorkeling. This 150-square-kilometer park also houses Laem Pakarang, which is an ideal camping site because of its pine trees.

Thrill-seekers can scale the mountains while explorers can hop on a bike to roam around the park. Also, visit during Khao Lak’s festivals to gain a better appreciation of Thailand’s rich history and culture. Finally, spend a day at Phang Nga Bay to experience its rock formations, caves, and lagoons. This pristine site features breathtaking scenery that was part of films such as The Man With A Golden Gun, Tomorrow Never Dies, and The Beach.

The captivating beaches of Phang Nga

The movie entitled “The Beach” is enough to paint a picture of stunning the beaches in Phang Nga. You can start at Nang Thong Beach near the bay to enjoy the view of endless white sand bordered by mountains and trees. You will also be able to feel a sense of tranquillity in this place, which offers plenty of opportunities for water activities.

There are also roofed picnic tables nearby where you can spend time while watching the waves. If you fancy a meal, walk to Ban La On village for a wide selection of restaurants and bars. From there, you can transfer to Pak Weeb Beach and enjoy the calmness of the location wherein even motorboat noise won’t disturb your peace. The immaculate sand will invite you to walk while thinking pondering about life. Feel free to swim and surf all day in this secluded area and enjoy the picturesque views of sunrise and sunset.

Meanwhile, strict building laws in Natai Beach near Pilai village helps maintain its natural beauty. You can be one with nature at this unspoiled location and enjoy tranquil moments without commercial distractions. Bring something to sit on, however, because Natai doesn’t have picnic tables, cabanas, and even chairs.

Catch a glimpse of the local fishermen’s activities at Khuk Khak Beach, where you can pick up seashells and enjoy sumptuous seafood. You can also take a dip at the waterfalls of Thai Muang Beach and explore its nature trails. Thai Muang is a perfect camping spot and sports a golf course, as well. Finally, Phang Nga Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Centre provides sanctuary for endangered turtles and other wounded animals.

Seasons in Phang Nga

Also known as peak season, the dry months are from November to April, and it is ideal for outdoor activities. Meanwhile, expect rains and thunderstorms during the wet season from May to October.

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