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MANATHAI Surin Phuket

A Traveler’s Guide to Amazing Activities to Do in Surin Beach

November 11, 2019

Surin Beach has always been a beautiful destination. It has an image of being the place to be for anyone with an affinity for luxury and as a “millionaire’s haven.”

MANATHAI Surin Phuket

Our Guide to Making the Most of Your Stay in Surin Beach

November 3, 2019

Also known as the “Millionaire’s Row” with the island’s wealth of 5-star celebrity haunts, Surin Beach is a hot spot for high-end holidaymakers looking to make their great escape from the city.

MANATHAI Surin Phuket

Our Guide to 7 Thrilling Outdoor Activities in Phuket Thailand

October 24, 2019

Phuket is a paradise of limitless thrills. You won’t run out of fine white sand to lay down or rock formations to scale. Be one with the sea by riding the waves or diving to witness the lush marine life. You can also explore more of the island by renting a motorcycle and seeing its captivating beauty at its many public viewpoints.