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3 Tips to Make the Most out of Your Vacation at Koh Samui

February 9, 2020

After months, even years, of planning, you finally decide that it is time to go on your long-awaited holiday. With your dream vacation date fast approaching, you have one final obstacle: you don’t know where to spend it!

Should you go to France or Japan? How about Australia? Our recommendation, however, is for you to visit Thailand! More specifically, we’re talking about Koh Samui, which is actually a dream destination for many people around the world. Although the island is relatively small, it has much to offer! Promising a rich experience filled with excitement and luxury, Koh Samui is the perfect vacation destination if you’re looking to have a good time.

If you’re wondering what you can do in Koh Samui to make the most out of your vacation, here are three tips for your consideration:

1. Book your flight tickets early
While being spontaneous can add to the thrill of the adventure, it isn’t something you should be doing when it comes to booking tickets. For example, if you’re outside the country or even outside Koh Samui, you will need to book a plane ticket to get to your destination. When you book early, not only do you give yourself plenty of time to decide, but the prices are much lower, especially if you’re booking within Thailand for a flight to the island.

When you do book a flight, ensure that there is plenty of time between flights to give yourself time to relax and ensure that you won’t miss the next flight.

2. Bring paper money
When on vacation, you might be tempted to rely on credit or debit cards to pay for whatever items you purchase. However, because you’ll be traveling to a tiny island, many small shops and restaurants don’t accept them. For this reason, we highly recommend that you bring paper money instead. Fill your wallets with 20, 50, and 100-baht bills, and you’re good to go!

3. Study the locals
While we aren’t asking you to whip out your notepad and start scribbling away at what the locals do for a living, we’re instead telling you to go out there and mingle among them!

Perhaps one of the best things you can do not only to learn more about them but to create new friends is to learn their language. Learn how to greet each other with respect and learn phrases that’ll get you around easier, such as “how much does this item cost?”

Wrapping up

When you’re traveling to Koh Samui, you’ll realize that there are many activities to do, from relaxing at the beach to partying the evening away. While all these can spice up your vacation, don’t forget the tips we’ve given you to make the most out of your holiday and enjoy a hassle-free time!

When you’re flying to Koh Samui to spend your vacation, it is best to stay in a boutique accommodation. Although there are many resorts and hotels in the area, choose your stay at Manathai Koh Samui! From luxurious private rooms to fun activities, we have what it takes to pamper you down like no other. Whether you’re craving an hour of exercise at the gym or want to teach yourself how to cook amazing Thai dishes, we have it all for you!