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5 Reasons Why You Won’t Get Tired Visiting Koh Samui

December 13, 2019

Koh Samui is a crown jewel among Thailand’s tropical paradises that features captivating white sand beaches that border the Gulf of Thailand. Meanwhile, the waters in this natural haven provide a perfect contrast to the towering mountains and lush rainforests.

Nature lovers will feel at home in this glamorous get-away, and here are five reasons that make tourists come back to Thailand’s third-largest island.

1. Beautiful beaches and islands

Its powdery white sands and blue waters offer the ultimate blueprint for a fantastic beach holiday. There’s the lively Chaweng Beach on the east coast and the secluded Taling Ngam to the west. Meanwhile, the shops and dining locations of Fisherman’s Village are adjacent to Bophut and Choeng Mon beaches.

Island hopping is a popular option to tour Koh Samui and nearby locations. This exploration includes a visit to the Ang Thong Marine Park, which is a protected ecosystem of 42 islands with beautiful white sand beaches and abundant marine life. Koh Phangan is the perfect ground for partygoers, and Koh Tao is the best spot for divers.

2. Fantastic destinations

Discover a world of adventure by exploring the endless activities in Koh Samui. You can immerse yourself in the serene natural surroundings through kayaking, diving, and snorkeling. Fishing, boat tours, and water sports are also available here. Meanwhile, you can visit the 12-meter-high Golden Buddha statue that glistens under the sunlight. This attraction at the northern part of the island also features the jungle landscapes and statues of Secret Buddha’s Garden.

3. Abundant smiles

You won’t get enough of the Thai’s world-renowned hospitality, and you will experience their friendly spirit as you roam around Koh Samui. Thai people love their country so much that they carry with them positivity and fun, especially for tourists. They take pride in making visitors feel welcomed, and their humility means that they want you to have a good time.

The pace of life in Koh Samui is laid back, making it an ideal tempo for those who yearn a break from the hustle and bustle of a city lifestyle. Their smiles will also help you destress, and their friendly attitude adds to Koh Samui’s feel-good atmosphere.

4. Limitless food feasts

The beachside restaurants offer delicious seafood and other gourmet dishes. Likewise, Koh Samui offers a vast array of culinary options that appeal to various preferences. Aside from Thai dishes, the island also has dining options for those who seek Chinese dishes and other Asian delicacies. You can also enjoy a barbeque feast over a beer while feeling the light breeze.

While there are local restaurants that offer a selection of sumptuous dishes, you can also enjoy a taste of luxury from Koh Samui’s fine dining restaurants. These award-winning eateries prepare cuisine from other countries while customers marvel at their stylish interior. Koh Samui won’t fail you if you are seeking a satisfying culinary escapade.

5. Various entertainment options

After feasting on fine cuisine, you can also feast on cultural performances and dance shows. The busier beaches feature amazing fire dance shows while musicians serenade you at night markets. For more relaxed entertainment, Koh Samui’s bars have big-screen televisions that show sporting events or karaoke songs. These experiences will make your Koh Samui stay all the more worthwhile.

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