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3 Activities You Can Do With Your Family in Koh Samui

November 11, 2019

Best known as one of Asia’s most family-friendly travel destinations, Thailand is the place to be if you want to bring your family along for an experience that’s unlike any other.

From the culturally-rich areas of Bangkok to the one-of-a-kind experiences in Pattaya, there’s no telling just how much fun your family can have in Thailand. Out of all the destinations to visit as a family in the country, there’s one destination that you should definitely set your sights on—Koh Samui.

Why should you bring your family to Koh Samui?

There are a variety of reasons that could possibly be used to answer this very question, but there’s one way to answer it perfectly in only three words: fun for everyone.

Being essentially exotic, attraction and activity-packed, and accessible make Koh Samui one of the best places to be in for even the largest of families. Having a destination that works for your entire family’s enjoyment is vital for creating a hassle-free experience. While you’re off enjoying the nightlife, sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters of Koh Samui, you might wonder: What exactly can you do as an entire family in Koh Samui?

Here are a few family-friendly activities you can do in Koh Samui:

1. Make priceless, irreplaceable memories in Aquapark

Located right across the Monkey Bay Restaurant, Aquapark provides an experience that everyone can enjoy with the help of a gargantuan playground. Do you know what the best part is? It sits right on top of the water. From huge inflatable floats and obstacles to on-the-water trampolines, it is nearly impossible not to have every visitor—regardless of age—jump right into the fun of Aquapark.

2. Learn how to cook together with cooking lessons in Koh Samui

If there’s anything that could possibly be classified as the best thing to take home from your trip to Koh Samui, it’s the knowledge of how to cook Thailand’s flavor-rich and time-honed dishes. From the simple, yet flavor-intensive Pad Thai to a hearty Tom Yum Goong, there are a variety of dishes that you and your family can learn how to cook with a trained culinary professional. Fortunately, cooking lessons in Koh Samui are quite easy to come by, particularly at Manathai Koh Samui.

3. Take on an educational experience in the Butterfly Garden and Insect Museum

Upon landing in Koh Samui, there’s one thing that you’ll probably notice right away that tells you that you’re in paradise: the immense presence of butterflies. Butterflies, unbeknownst to most visitors, are endemic to Koh Samui. So, what better way to learn about them than a visit to the Butterfly Garden and Insect Museum?

The Butterfly Garden and Insect Museum will have everyone together in a bonding experience as you all get to learn about the island’s beautiful critters and creepy crawlies in greater detail. One fun fact about the attraction is that it raises its own caterpillars and insects while conserving their populations, making it a safe haven for all sorts of the area’s creatures.

If you’re looking to take your family on an adventure, a trip to Koh Samui is all you’ll need. The three activities mentioned on this list are a must-do to get the entire experience started on the right note. Feel free to add even more activities as soon as you land for a fully immersive experience!

If you’re looking to enjoy your family-friendly hotel in Koh Samui, get in touch with the Manathai Koh Samui to see how we can help!