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How Friendly is Koh Samui for Gay Travellers

November 3, 2019

As a hot spot on the global LGBT travel destination list, Thailand is a gay paradise for all the right reasons. Different places have their own distinct charm, but Koh Samui is everything gays could ever dream of in a relaxing getaway.

If you’re looking to take a break from your hectic schedule in the city and steer clear from wild crowds, you can dip your toes in a peaceful atmosphere as Koh Samui offers a more chilled holiday plan with its luxurious accommodations and picturesque beaches. For wistful tipplers looking for a more laid-back gay scene, Koh Samui is a safe haven for your holiday dreams.

Have Peace of Mind and Relax in Gay-Friendly Saunas in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a down-to-earth alternative to the crazy nights and wild parties of Bangkok and Pattaya. As it’s widely popular for its focus on relaxation, you can unwind with your friends or partner with several reputable gay saunas in Koh Samui.

This includes Samui Men’s Spa, Emerald Green Men’s Club, and Prince Samui Men’s Club. Spas are the ideal place to release your stress and exfoliate the toxins from your body, making it a gay oasis for those who want to unwind from head-to-toe fully.

Explore the Vibrant Gay Scene in Koh Samui

While relaxation and peace are at the heart of Koh Samui, it doesn’t have a shortage of vibrant and lively bars lining the coast. Home to cost-friendly yet tasty drinks, loud music, and good times, the list below is a map for those who want to let their inhibitions loose in an exotic island:

● Sweet Soul Cafe
● Pride Bar Samui
● K-Club Bar

You can expect a mix of dancing and drinking for gay travelers looking to spice up their vacation with some excitement and a colorful selection of cocktails, beers, wines, and even coffee.

Eat to Your Heart’s Content in Koh Samui

Your vacation won’t be complete if you don’t taste your way into Koh Samui’s rich and flavorful culture. Your taste buds will celebrate an explosion of exotic flavors, as Koh Samui offers restaurants and markets that take pride in staple dishes. No matter what you’re craving, the island has something that will leave you full and satisfied!

Many restaurants offer a mix between Southern Thai specialties and western favorites for those missing home, but seafood is, without a doubt, the most popular meal option on the island. Get your bellies ready for some food hopping with the gay-friendly restaurants below:

● Zazen
● Secret Garden
● Namu

The Bottom Line

Koh Samui exudes an exotic character that is heart-warming and welcoming for gay travelers, making it an on-earth paradise for those in search of a relaxing holiday experience. Filled with stunning resorts, scenic, tranquil beaches, adrenaline-pumping water sports, and delectable restaurants, the lively gay scene feels like a cherry on top for the perfect gay escape.

What are you waiting for? You deserve to vacation in a place where you can feel safe and at home. If you’re looking for a gay-friendly resort in Koh Samui, get in touch with us at Manathai Koh Samui to see how we can help!