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4 Unconventional Beach Date Ideas That Set a Romantic Mood

November 29, 2019

Beaches exude a certain aura that makes you fall in love. The strong breeze and the calming view will put you in the mood to woo your significant other while keeping each other warm by a campfire. Meanwhile, the fine white sand will inspire you to take a stroll along the shore, hand-in-hand. We can’t neglect to mention that the lovely setting is perfect for idyllic candlelit dinners by the beach.

No matter what time of year you plan this romantic date, considering your partner’s personality will guarantee its success. Regardless of the option you choose, make sure that you create moments for intimate conversation while feeling comfortable with the location.

That said, here are four date ideas by the beach that will make your partner feel special.

1. Date by sunrise

With fewer people enjoying the beach during this time of day, there’s a chance that you will have the beach to yourself as you witness the sunrise while enjoying a glorious breakfast. The empty beach and the vibrant colors in the sky paint a romantic background for the intimate moment. You can stay outdoors and wait for the sunrise before taking a nap after that or organize a morning date. If you choose the former, find a beach that is accessible in the dark and ensure in advance that the weather will be fair during the night.

2. Fun with glow sticks

Who says that romantic dates should only consist of prim and proper activities? Switch things up by having fun with glow sticks after dinner. Put some sticks in your pocket and crack them to illuminate. You can play catch with the sticks or throw them around. Try catching them while they fly through the air or hit targets with it. It may be an unusual activity, but it’s sure to coax a smile and plenty of laughs out of your other half!

3. Play like kids

If you have a sporty partner, there’s no reason for them to dislike a carefree afternoon of playing on the beach. You can play beach volleyball, throw a Frisbee, or run along the shore for a sweaty but satisfying date. Once you feel tired, you can stay at the beach and build a sandcastle together to depict your dream house.

Better yet, spice up the afternoon by making an impromptu competition on who can build the better sculpture. Act freely and happily as you play games and share snacks from a nearby store. Don’t forget to rub sunscreen on your skin to keep yourself protected from harsh sunlight.

4. Moonlight picnic

There’s nothing more romantic than a moonlight date on the beach. It’s like you’re playing a scene from a movie as you dance to the tune of a love song. However, you cannot reveal the plan to your partner until you are both at the site so that you can surprise them. Set up your picnic location in advance at a spot where no one will bother and light up a campfire. Spread a warm blanket out on the ground so you can enjoy some dinner. Don’t forget to keep the champagne chilled on a bucket of ice for a refreshing drink!

A romantic haven for lovers

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